IBGoodman is an American fine jewelry manufacturing company, family owned and operated and serving the jewelry trade since 1937. Creating fine jewelry is our passion. Our legendary men’s rings and accessories for every occasion and our classic and innovative bridal designs for the ‘big day’ are all meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials and available through luxury retail establishments worldwide.

All of our original jewelry collections are created with the vision to bring our customers the very best in design and value. Offering a diverse range of products and price points, it is our mission to craft fine jewelry that can be cherished for every occasion and to provide the highest standards of quality, value and service. IBGoodman’s services also include confidential private label design and manufacturing for prestigious brands.

As a prime U.S. manufacturer and diamond importer,  IBGoodman ensures the highest standards in quality control, service and value for its customers. Headquartered in Newport, Kentucky our expert staff supports the entire process from product concept and production to order fulfillment. Highly skilled craftsmen, special jewelry finishing methods and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies support our mission to lead the market with innovations. Our flexible manufacturing can process large runs, special orders and repairs using a wide range of precious and alternative metal alloys. IBGoodman is an established company and we will support our customers with unparalleled service during and after each sale to ensure the jewelry we make can be adored for generations.

Company Background

Founded over seventy-five years ago, the IBGoodman Company is a leading U.S. manufacturer of fine jewelry for men and women. The family owned company is headed by Jonathan Goodman Cohen, the fourth generation Goodman in the business.

In 1937, I.B. “Buster” Goodman established the business in Cincinnati, Ohio. Buster was, however, no stranger to the industry. His father, Jacob Goodman had built successful jewelry manufacturing and retail companies, Goodman Jewelers, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Buster carved out a niche for IBGoodman by creating emblematic rings for fraternal organizations such as the Masonic Order. By the 1960s, the company earned the reputation as a leader in the men’s jewelry market and Buster grew the company by trading on his expertise and close relationships with the founders of great U.S. retail institutions including Service Merchandise, Zale, Gordon’s and Kays to name just a few. As a tribute to its founder, I.B. Goodman incorporated Buster Goodman’s distinguished silhouette into its logo.

When Goodman passed away in 1976, his daughters Babette Goodman Cohen and Jane Goodman Baum inherited the business. The two decided to run the business themselves and elder sister, Babette took the helm. At the time, this was an extraordinary move- few women managed manufacturing companies and almost none in the jewelry business, a male dominated industry for generations. With no rule book to follow, Babette set her own course. Always open to new ideas and innovations, Babette led the company and set many industry precedents.

In 1980, IBGoodman was one of the first companies to establish a partnership with a DeBeers sightholder, thereby positioning the company as a vertically integrated prime jewelry manufacturing company and diamond supplier. Soon after, the company was among the first to brand a men’s jewelry line, a diamond band collection named LeMans. This new product category caught the attention of DeBeers which, in turn, created its first “A Diamond is Forever” advertising campaign targeting the men’s market. In the following years, IBGoodman traded on the strength it achieved through national advertising and sound management principles to grow its business through product line expansion which included all categories of women’s diamond and gemstone fine jewelry. In 1998, IBGoodman introduced a women’s designer fine jewelry collection which it continues to be marketed under the brand name Zē. In 1999 the company launched one of the most innovative product lines at the time, Stēl, combining alternative metals such as stainless steel, 14K gold and diamonds to create stylish, comfortable and extremely durable jewelry accessories for men. Since then, employing “alternative metal” in fine jewelry design and manufacture has developed mass market popularity. In 2005 Zē expanded into the bridal jewelry business and quickly made a statement for original design, high quality and exceptional service. In 2008, the Company launched another innovative line to meet the needs of a growing market for men’s stylish accessories. J.Goodman is a portfolio of men’s jewelry accessories crafted in 925 Sterling silver, and accented with 18Kt gold, precious stones and other exotic materials.

True to its company philosophy “A Tradition that Honors the Highest Standards,” IBGoodman conducts business as it should be done, upholding superior standards from product design and manufacturing quality to customer service and value to the consumer. Moreover, IBGoodman has also made it its mission to be a standard bearer in the industry. To that end, Babette became increasingly active in the jewelry industry, and, once again, blazed a trail. In 2000, she was elected Chairman of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA), becoming the first woman appointed in its 97-year history. Similarly, Babette was also the first woman admitted to the New York Diamond Dealers Club and the prestigious 24 Karat Club of New York, an association of elite American jewelry manufacturers and suppliers, which had been exclusively a man’s domain for more than 100 years. She is also a past board member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and past chairman of the Diamond, Jewelry & Watch Division of UJA-Federation of New York. Babette currently serves on the advisory board of the JCK Show and Chairman of the Board for I.B. Goodman.

Jonathan Goodman Cohen joined the family business in 1991, after he earned an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and gained extensive business experience within the manufacturing and retail industries. He started his career at IBGoodman as a salesman covering the western United States and worked his way through the ranks. In 1999, he became President of I.B. Goodman and is currently its Chief Executive Officer. Upholding the company’s tradition of service, Jonathan serves on the Board of Directors for the Plumb Club Association, is an active member of the 24 Karat Club of New York and is past board member of the MJSA.

I.B. Goodman’s vast product selection and brand portfolio are sold through large and mid-sized jewelry chains, department stores, ecommerce sites and over 500 independent retailers nationwide.Additionally, IBGoodman exports its product lines to a growing international account base including wholesalers and retailers in fourteen countries.