Founded in 1937 by I.B. “Buster” Goodman, I.B. Goodman is a leading manufacturer of fine jewelry in the U.S., serving large and mid-sized jewelry chains, department stores and
independent retailers.

The company first carved its niche in the jewelry industry by creating emblematic rings for fraternal organizations. By the 1960s, the company earned the reputation as a leader in the men’s jewelry market.

In 1980, I.B. Goodman established a partnership with a DeBeers sightholder, thereby positioning the company as a diamond jewelry business. Soon after, the company expanded into women’s diamond jewelry. Jill Zvaigzne joined the company in 1997 and introduced the company’s first branded women’s jewelry collection Ze in 1998.

In 2001, I.B. Goodman moved from its Cincinnati headquarters, where the Company was founded, to the other side of the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky. The company also maintains a marketing and sales office located in the heart of the diamond district in New York City, just off Rockefeller Center.
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