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Some Things Never Change: IBGoodman’s Commitment To Quality Is One Of Them

May 10, 2021

Some Things Never Change: IBGoodman’s Commitment To Quality Is One Of Them

IBGoodman is an American, family-owned fine jewelry manufacturing company, operating since 1937. We specialize in fashionable, comfortable jewelry for men to wear for all occasions. Our heritage runs deep, and with each generation that has been passed the torch, we’ve maintained our commitment to meticulously crafted products made of responsibly sourced materials. 

Our company was started by I.B. “Buster” Goodman in 1937 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father had already built successful jewelry manufacturing and retail companies (Goodman Jewelers), so he was no stranger to the industry. 

Buster carved out a niche creating emblematic rings for fraternal organizations such as the Masonic Order, and by 1960, had earned the reputation of being a leader in the men’s jewelry market.

Upon his passing in 1976, his daughters Babette Goodman Cohen and Jane Goodman Baum took over the company. The two women, led by Babette, realized great success in a predominantly male industry.

In 1980, IBGoodman was one of the first companies to be positioned as a vertically integrated prime jewelry manufacturing company and diamond supplier. We were one of the first to brand a men’s jewelry line. We also launched a product line featuring stylish, comfortable and extremely durable jewelry for men, as well as accessories crafted in 925 Sterling silver and accented with 18K gold and other exotic materials.

Babette, who is currently the Chairman of the Board for IBGoodman, blazed a trail in our industry. During her tenure:

Jonathan Goodman Cohen took over the reins in 1991 and worked his way up to the fourth generation, now serving as President and Chief Executive Officer. He is upholding the company’s position on the JCK Advisory Board and the 24 Karat Club of New York, is Past President of the Plumb Club and like his family members, served on the boards of MJSA and JVC.

The Goodman family is committed to developing products that appeal to our customers’ preferences and in doing business responsibly. We actively participate in important industry associations and adhere to the most rigorous set of compliance guidelines. With our central operations in Newport, Kentucky, we manage all processes in house to ensure the highest standards in quality, service and value. 

We are nothing without our customers, and their confidence in our products is what drives us to do our best each and every day. If you are interested in exploring our extensive selection of rings, Masonic jewelry and accessories, please visit our website to see first-hand the quality products we offer. For more details and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram!

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