Who We Are

IBGoodman is an American fine jewelry manufacturing company, family owned and operated since 1937. Our legendary men’s jewelry and all our specialty product lines are meticulously crafted from responsibly sourced materials and available through luxury retail establishments worldwide. Our mission is to create fine jewelry that is special, personal and long-lasting.

As an American jewelry manufacturer and diamond importer with centralized operations at our Newport, KY headquarters, our experienced staff manages all processes from product development, marketing, and in-house production to order fulfillment and aftersales service. This enables IBGoodman to strictly control operations and ensure the highest standards in product quality, service and value for our customers. Our flexible manufacturing can process large runs, special orders and repairs using a wide range of precious metal alloys and gems.

Great products drive IBGoodman’s business and we constantly develop products that will appeal to changing consumer preferences. This passion to innovate extends to all our business operations, which helps keep us competitive in a global industry. Our products are sold internationally through specialty jewelry retail chains, department stores, independent merchants and e-commerce sites.

We believe in doing business responsibly. To that end, IBGoodman actively participates in important industry associations and adheres to the most rigorous set of compliance guidelines. Customer confidence is our highest priority.

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