Our Craft


Employing artisanal techniques in our jewelry making, IBGoodman pays close attention to every detail in order to faithfully recreate the iconic Masonic emblems and the esteemed accomplishments they symbolize.

Our Jewelry incorporates special design features and quality specifications that provide comfortable and long lasting wear. The “Gothic” style shank for example, used for many IBGoodman rings, reflects a tradition of Masonic architectural form and adds substance and durability to ensure generations of wear-ability.


IBGoodman Masonic jewelry begins with hand-made production dies and molds for each component. We carefully draw wax molds and cast them in your preference of the “Noble” metals. (Sterling Silver, 10K, 14K, or 18K gold). Our experienced craftsmen then begin the meticulous process of assembling the components, and applying the extensive details and finishes. Every piece of jewelry is engraved and enameled by hand. Our master jewelers develop these specialized skills over a lifetime.


Precise engraving techniques are applied which involve chiseling small cuts into the emblems to highlight angles, enhance dimension and bring the piece “to life”. Employing these techniques, our jewelers use several different tools to apply over 30 engravings to each 32nd degree Double Eagle emblem. Enameling is another refined art requiring adept skills to achieve crisp, vibrant designs. Enamel finishes have been used to accent prominent Masonic emblems in jewelry for generations. IBGoodman craftsmen use a hand-applied, oven-baked and stone-ground glass enamel process for an authentic and lustrous finish.

Once the engraving and enameling are complete, the jewelry is set with gems, plated and polished. The process concludes with a final round of inspection to confirm each piece is finished to the highest standards.

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