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Warranty Policy

IBGoodman warrants, but only to the original buyer, that every product manufactured by IBGoodman and purchased by the Buyer will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal consumer use and that the metal composition of any jewelry item will be as stamped on or inside the item and the quality of any diamonds will be as specified in this order. This warranty does not cover defects, damages, or deterioration due to normal consumer wear and tear, or exposure and will terminate for each product three (3) years after the date of purchase by the Buyer. In the event of a defect, without charge the Company will either replace the product with the same or similar product, or repair the product, whichever it deems appropriate. In the event that the fineness of the metal or the quality of the diamonds are not as warranted, without charge the Company will replace the product with the same or similar product of proper fineness or quality. To obtain performance on this warranty, the product must be returned by Buyer to the Company, insured and postage prepaid by the Buyer, together with an explanation of the manner in which the product does not conform to this warranty. Return the product to the following address, “Consumer Returns” c/o I. B. Goodman Co., Inc., 120 East Third Street, Newport, KY 41071.

THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF THE COMPANY, INCLUDING AN IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The Company’s liability in connection with the purchase of the product is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the products that are not as warranted and all other damages (including, without limit, consequential and incidental damages) are expressly waived by Buyer.
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